The stories run amuck when it comes to compliance checks and who’s friend heard from somebody that someone got “busted” for…

First, the TABC is not going to do something that costs them time with no results. They have specific rules and regulations that govern what can and cannot happen with the underage buyer and the actual purchase of the alcohol.

The rumor is 2 of age agents come in with an underage. The older agents order alcohol but the underage pays the check. You take the money from the underage and you’re BUSTED. Nope, not happening. Not a true story.

Underage buyers cannot be made up or use facial hair to look older. Underage buyers are the ones ordering the alcohol. They MUST use their very own, under 21 ID and cannot use a fake, altered, or borrowed ID.

Compliance Checks happen to make sure you are doing your job and not selling to minors. Why would the TABC want to bust someone’s chops just because a minor paid for the check. It’s not legal but they wouldn’t use this in a compliance check because their concern is minors being able to purchase then consume the alcohol on the premises.

If servers, bartenders and managers actually ask for an ID then pay attention to any “Under 21 Until” info that is available or know today’s Born on or Before date for comparison, then passing a compliance check will be a piece of cake.

If you want to know more about how to properly card, TopShelf has an online course for that!