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TopShelf™ has been teaching sellers, servers and managers about responsible beverage service for more than twenty years. We produce the most current and entertaining training materials on the market. Our two decades of experience in the compliance and hospitality industries has made TopShelf™ the “go to” resource for alcohol risk management training, tools and solutions.

Why Servers, Sellers and Managers Choose TopShelf™ Classes

TopShelf™ classes satisfy state requirements for alcohol awareness education and server/seller certification.
Fast, one-day turn-around time for certifications.
Training designed to help you remember what you learn and apply it to your job.

Why Businesses Choose TopShelf™ Classes

Business leaders choose TopShelf™ because alcohol risk management is our single focus. We concentrate on producing effective programs that satisfy state and local compliance regulations. That means you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

All classes include state-specific alcohol laws.
Classes can be customized to include your company policy.
TopShelf™ training can reduce your company’s insurance premiums.