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About Classroom Training

Whether you sell alcohol on premise, off premise or both, TopShelf™ understands the problems you face in daily risk management. We produce classroom-style programs that satisfy state laws on alcohol awareness education and could potentially lower your company’s insurance premiums. Using TopShelf™ classes also earns you a reputation as a socially responsible seller.

Our classroom programs:

Satisfy your company’s insurance training requirements
Specialize in proper carding techniques
Cover alcohol sales risk management in depth
Include law supplement handouts for each state in which your company is located
Are the only programs that provide TopShelf’s patented ID Coder

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the most current policies and procedures are being taught to your managers and employees. We can customize workbook covers and policy materials specifically for your business. Ask us about volume discounts for your organization.

Classroom Training for On-Premise Sales

TopShelf Responsible Beverage Service
for On-Premise Licensees

(an instructor-led program)

RBS training for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels or any place alcohol is consumed on the premises
Program contains as few as three hours and up to eight hours of teachable material
Designed to be customized for company, state or local requirements

Classroom Training for Off-Premise Sales

TopShelf Responsible Vendor Program For Off-Premise Licensees

(an instructor-led program)

Designed for grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores or any place alcohol is sold for off-premise consumption
Contains as few as two to three hours and up to five hours of teachable information
Can be customized to suit your company, state and local requirements


If you need onsite, classroom-style training for your employees, find trainers in your area and they’ll come to you.